Essay Writing Tips – Best Start, Searching Strategy, and Nice Ending

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Wondering how to write an essay? Have a dramatic start, search the right articles and formats, enter credible evidence, and briefly summarize everything in the conclusion.

Tips for Essay Writing – Everything from Start to Finish

In your academic journey, you can get the task of writing any type of essay. Include a statement that hooks readers in the introduction. Here are steps to writing an essay:

Detect keywords in the topic.
Find relevant sources of information.
Take notes.
Create outline.
Fill it up to form the essay.
Proofread for errors.

All Different Types of Student Essays

Essays are of all kinds. They vary depending upon the content and purpose of writing. Some of them that students are frequently required to write include:

Reflective / narrative essays.
Descriptive essays.
Argumentative essays.
Comparison and contrast essays.
Scholarship essays.

Reflective or narrative essays, require students to think about an experience and share it with the readers, focusing on details and feelings. The writer refers to himself/herself as ‘I’. Descriptive essays can also be about some experience and thus written in first person language. Their subject can also be some object e.g. a shirt or a scenery in which case, the writer has to refer to the thing as ‘it’.

Argumentative essays are about the writer’s stance on a topic. For best essay writing, counterarguments are also discussed and refuted with evidence. Comparison and contrast essays compare two or more things. Scholarship essays are also a kind of reflective essays but are written for the purpose of securing financial help.

Best Start of an Essay – Here’s How to Write It

The first line of an essay is the most important. Unless it’s catchy, readers will lose interest. So it’s important to grab their attention with a hook. Write something that makes readers want to explore the case further. A good hook for a reflective essay can be, “It was a very dark night.”

Take Care of These Points While Writing Your Essay

After you’ve got the readers glued to your essay, next comes the stage of collecting evidence from sources that are believable. You’ll need to conduct detailed research for that. There is a way to search the keywords. Here are some writing essay tips including tricks for search and steps to follow:

If you want articles in a certain format e.g. powerpoint, write this after the keywords in the search bar – ‘filetype:ppt’.
For search results containing two keywords in particular, search as first keyword + second keyword.
For either of the two keywords, write first keyword OR second keyword.
Brainstorm yourself by reading the sources.
Make an outline with a defined introduction having thesis, middle paragraph topic sentences and evidence points, and the section of conclusion.
Develop the outline. Maintain flow in the essay using connecting phrases like ‘moreover’, ‘in addition’, ‘contrary to’, and ‘hence it can be said that’.

A Guideline for Writing the Conclusion Section

Write conclusion using a different set of words for the thesis statement. Summarize the whole paper concisely. Make recommendations in the last, if necessary. Try to size the conclusion section equal to introduction.