Literature Review

Guide for Writing a Literature Review

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Every student needs to know the steps for writing a literature review apa or in any other style. Here is a guide you can use including tips on how to write this academic paper.

Useful Tips for Writing a Literature Review

A literature review combines both a summary and evaluation and discusses published information based on a particular subject or topic. It can also be a summary of the sources. While in school a student will come across two types of literature review: as a standalone assignment or part of an introduction that leads to a longer piece of academic work. The purpose of writing literature review is to give reader access to research and use it to develop a new argument without adding any new contributions. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you write a literature review that stands out.
Find an interesting topic
It will be easier to write a literature review if you are passionate about the topic. Use your interest to come up with a topic, read lecture notes or if you feel stuck as your professor.
Review the literature
Use relevant keywords to search for academic works on online databases. Look for various literature reviews in the discipline and identify areas of controversy. You can also use bibliographies to find other relevant source materials.
Narrow your topic
Although while doing your research you will get many sources, when you look at any writing a literature review example you will notice that they all have a narrow topic that is also debatable. You also need to narrow your topic so that you can limit the number of sources you need.
Evaluate the selected literature
Skim through the academic work to get a general idea of the contents and write down notes of points that stand out for example key terms and useful quotes. While reading, decide on which format to use that will help categorize your articles based on different emphases, weaknesses, and strengths.
Create a working thesis
Come up with one or two sentences that summarizes the conclusion you have reached about the research you have done concerning your ideal topic.
Write the review
Writing a good literature review is about using headings and subheadings to present a clear position. Each paragraph should also begin with a topic sentence.

The Basic Category of a Literature Review

Knowing the steps in writing a literature review will ensure that you submit a paper that follows the correct structure, style, and citation. Just like any other academic paper, a literature review must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
The introduction which has to end with a thesis statement gives a brief view of the background of the research including controversies. The body must have major themes, trends, and findings which the researchers agree or disagree with. A conclusion should indicate any implications or possibilities for future research.