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How to Write a Research Paper – All Steps and Tricks

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Finalize the topic for writing a research paper. Develop hypothesis statement and questions. Customize methodology to research design. Gather and analyze data. Write report.

Research Paper Writing Help for Work of a Professional Level

Many students are clueless when asked to write a research paper. This article demonstrates shortcuts and tricks for a detailed study. Also, you can learn the steps in writing a research paper. They include:

Selecting a topic worth studying.
Developing research design.
Forming survey tool.
Collecting and analyzing information using the tool.
Making outline.
Writing report.

The Concept of a Research Paper – Everything You Need to Know

A research paper provides a detailed study of a subject. Authors conducted literature review to find out areas that are yet unexplored so that they can make valuable contribution to literature with their research. The question thus formed is explored through a detailed process. The methodology can be mixed, quantitative, or qualitative. Survey tools are customized to the type of methodology. Providing an overview and background information is the first step for writing an introduction to a research paper.

Steps of Research Paper Writing – It Involves a Process

Research papers have defined formats. To get it published in a renowned journal, you have to write the required number of words, and have the dictated sections in the paper. The process starts with writing a research paper outline and is based on these steps:

Determining gap in the present literature, so it can be filled with your research.
Forming hypothesis and research questions.
Studying literature to find out about the existing knowledge on the topic.
Establishing methodology according to your research design.
Developing survey tool.
Pilot testing the tool.
Collecting data.
Analyzing it.
Interpreting data to draw results.
Comparing your achieved results to the outcomes of other researchers.
Writing conclusion.

Recommendations are particularly important for writing a conclusion for a research paper. The readers should know what information to leave the article with. Make the goals in your recommendations achievable. Suggest a strategy for their attainment in the conclusion.

Expert Tips for a High Quality Research Paper

If you don’t have subscription of a database, but you like a journal paper, search for it online. You’ll possibly find at least it’s abstract section. Get the idea of the content from it. Take whatever information you can from that section and cite it in the paper in the relevant place.

If your teacher requires citing too many references, and you have limited time – no need to read full articles. Get one online journal paper. It will contain references to tens of sources especially in the introduction and the literature review part. Don’t take them verbatim. Paraphrase the lines cited from those sources and write the reference after it. Copy-paste the reference from the bibliography of the journal paper into your essay. Adjust the formatting according to your own writing style.

Always proofread the paper after the draft is ready. No matter how sure you may be that you’ve not done any mistakes, there are always chances of misspellings or grammar mistakes. Just by making the writing professional and free of error, you can give a substantial boost to your paper. That’s how important is proofreading for writing a good research paper.