1. Uni: “Normally we consider ‘graphic novels’ and ‘comics’ to be a bit tacky, the sort of thing some newborn, floppy-tongued Welsh Corgie would be into. (Scott never tires of telling us of his freshman year roommate, a fat, pasty kid who once shaved himself a Hitler moustache and watched Dragonball-Z non-stop until he failed out of college and got a job bagging groceries at Wegman’s. That’s the sort of audience we have in mind, kittens.) But then we got Wendy in the mail, or Scott did, which is a booklet from a Canadian guy named Walter Scott, and it tells the story of a young lady named Wendy and her attempts to succeed in the Art World, which is like the Normal World, except people get paid for making things that are useless instead of useful. This has really upended our notions of what comics can be. For instance: They can curse! They can make you laugh, or get sad, sometimes at the same exact time, which is confusing!

    If we consider Wendy as an accurate field guide to what Scott does during the day—and we think it must be—then it involves a lot of excessive drinking, desperate sex, illicit drug use, and people being all ‘I could give a shit about Thing X even though I really, really care about Thing X a whole lot.’ We had no idea what a weird world he swims through, all for us. It made us want to go give him a double-spoon-around-the-neck with extra deep purring…so we did.”