1. Uni: “Thomas Pynchon, from what I gather, is a mysterious author and nobody knows what his face looks like. At one point in time he was J.D. Salinger’s boyfriend and they both lived together in a maximum-security bunker on Shelter Island. (I’m getting this from Wikipedia so don’t go writing a term paper with it or anything.) In the book V he takes a look at the conspiratorial mindset, what we might call the schizo-historical point of view in which there’s no such thing as ‘coincidence.’ Case in point: Yesterday, after Scott left to go Wherever He Goes, the doorbell rang, three times. We huddled in the window sill and peered down to the street and observed a man, wearing a brown uniform and holding a large box. About an hour later three curliques of brown fuzz dislodged from the couch; we tracked their progress intently down the length of the apartment as they were blown, as if by magic, by the breeze. Then, when Chloe had pawed open the sink’s cabinet so that we could finally discover where the water goes, a bottle of Mr. Clean fell onto the floor, coming to rest at a 90 degree angle to the litter box. What resonates here between the doorbell, the brown man, the brown fuzz, and the bald pate of the cartoon hygienist? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps everything. But my point is, this is the sort of shit that Thomas Pynchon is really interested in. Who is V? Who killed Laura Palmer? Who let the dogs out? What’s the meaning of those totally gross pigeon feathers all over the landing outside of the apartment? When the hell is there going to be another episode of Law & Order: SVU? Why am I named after sea urchin, which is one of the very few Japanese sushi items that Scott will not eat?