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    Chloe: “An intensely moving novel that jumps around a lot—the burned-out Soho of the 1970s art scene, the militant radicalism of Italy—but somehow never ends up losing the plot. Rachel Kushner has taken real history and had some liberal fun with it, scrambling names and identities, so that one protagonist can simultaneously be a clear facsimile of Donald Judd as well as the pampered heir to an Italian tire company. There are shades of Chris Kraus (in the depictions of a woman’s role in the super-serious company of men in love with their own voices) as well as Renata Adler’s awesome and recently re-released Speedboat. We’re definitely lending this book to the crew of kitten toughs who like to hang around the Myrtle JMZ stop talking about praxis and reminiscing about the days back when New York meant something, man.”